HMW Härterei Michael Welser

History and future

Steel has been our nature for generations

350 years Welser: With power, ember, endurance – we have lifted our wealth of experience from the ashes – and now reach for the stars. After all, the aerospace industry also relies on our solutions. HMW is part of the project “Mission to Mars”. For us, the future becomes reality: we improve, renew, revolutionize.

15 years of HMW

In 2019, we celebrated our 15th anniversary with live music, show acts such as the Red Bull X-Fighters. We captured all of this and more in the HMW aftermovie. Thank you for these brilliant 15 years!

Our mission: Customer satisfaction

Competent, future-oriented, Enthusiastic: our drive is your satisfaction – in the center of our galaxy is always the customer! Our thoughts, considerations and quality requirements revolve around your needs – so solutions are born that convince. Cost-effective, long term oriented, cooperative

We are pioneers in new technologies, such as laser hardening: